Wine Blind Tasting | Pinot Noire

On 23rd January at 7 pm, Orrery invites you to explore the World of Pinot Noir: A Tutored Blind Wine Tasting Experience. 

Test your wine expertise in a setting like no other. Our Head Sommelier Julio Sierra will guide you on a journey showcasing the elegance and diversity of Pinot Noir from across the globe. Your challenge? To identify each wine’s AOC, Grape, and Vintage from its unique notes and flavours.

Pinot Noir, celebrated for its finesse and diversity, is more than just a grape – it’s a journey into the heart of wine tradition. From its legendary ageing potential to its charm in youthful sipping, Pinot Noir tells a story in every glass. Julio will dive you into different styles, from renowned producers to hidden gems. This tasting is an open invitation to explore, discuss, and savour the multifaceted world of Pinot Noir. Perfect for both new enthusiasts and devoted fans, it promises to be a delightful and insightful experience.

Join us in our private dining room for an evening of indulgence! The evening is priced at £98 per person with a three-course menu included.