Wine Blind Tasting | Rhône Valley

On 7th November at 7 pm, Orrery Invites You to Unveil the Secrets of the Rhône Valley: A Tutored Blind Wine Tasting Experience. 

Test your wine expertise in a setting like no other. Our Head Sommelier Julio Sierra will guide you on a journey that blends the finesse of wine tasting with the thrill of mystery. Your challenge? To identify each wine’s AOC, Grape, and Vintage from its unique notes and flavours.

Journey into the heart of the illustrious Rhône Valley, a tapestry of tastes where old-world charm meets vibrant diversity. As the evening unfolds, find yourself immersed in the whispers of nearby Burgundy and the passionate embrace of the Mediterranean. Julio will share the histories and nuances that anchor the Rhône Valley’s esteemed legacy with each sip.

Join us in our very own private dining room for an evening of indulgence! The evening is priced at £55 per person with canapes included. You are more than welcome to join us for dinner afterwards in the restaurant with 20% off your bill.