Top 20 cheeses

As part of Orrery’s 20 year Anniversary, we are celebrating all of our favorite things, which naturally includes cheese!

Throughout the month of October, our chef’s have selected their top 20  french cheeses, which they have divided into 5 families, and from which you may select your 5 favorites to sample for £11 per person.

The selected cheese families:

Hard and semi hard cheeses

Morbier, Cow milk, Franche Comté
Grise des volcans, Cow milk, Limousin
Comte 24 months, Cow milk, Franche Comté
Secret du couvent, Cow milk, Vallée de la Loire

Creamy & Bloomy cheeses

Camembert, Cow milk, Normandie
Chaource, Cow milk, Champagne
Reblochon, Cow milk, Savoie
Mâchecoulais, Cow milk, Vallée de la Loire

Goat cheeses

Selle-sur-Cher, Vallée de la Loire
Lingot, Vallée de la Loire
St Maure de Touraine, Vallée de la Loire
Mothais à la Feuille, Vallée de la Loire

Blue vein cheeses

Roquefort, Ewe milk Rouergue
Fourme d’Ambert, Cow milk Auvergne
Bleu du Bocage, Goat milk, Vallée de la Loire
Bleu d’Auvergne, Cow milk, Auvergne

Washed rind & strong cheeses

Pont l Evêque, Cow milk, Normandie
Langres, Cow milk, Champagne
Soumaintrain, Cow milk, Bourgogne
Livarot, Cow milk, Normandie

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