Cheese & Wine tasting | Chardonnay

Here at Orrery, we are celebrating all of our favourite things, which naturally include cheese and wine!

Following a successful series of wine events to date, we are excited to invite you to our next evenings, where our Head Sommelier Julio Sierra and cheese expert Mathieu Bourdaire, will guide you on a journey showcasing the elegance and diversity of Chardonnay from across the globe with a perfectly paired selection of five kinds of cheese.

The blind-tasting element adds a layer of excitement and discovery, challenging your palate and enriching your understanding of the intricate relationship between cheese and wine.

Wednesday 17th April Chardonnay.

Join us, in our very own private dining room for an evening of indulgence! The evening is priced at £45 per person & the tasting will begin at 7.00 pm.

For more information, please call Orrery at  020 7616 8000 or email